Tammy – Liver Recipient

tammy-nichols-lgTammy is one of the estimated millions of Baby Boomers who grew up unaware she was carrying Hepatitis C in her body. She believes she got it decades before from a transfusion she received as a premature baby.

In 2011, the virus attacked. Doctors said Tammy’s damaged liver needed to be replaced and soon. The rapid progress of the virus left her near death and her family and friends in total shock.

Tammy received her lifesaving transplant in October, 2011. She owes her new life to a six year old boy who was killed in an auto accident on his way with his mother to the zoo. It was only recently that his mother, in response to a letter Tammy had written her, wrote Tammy in return. “Talk about being happy,” says Tammy.

One day she hopes to meet his mother in person and, “give her a hug and say ‘Thank You.” Until then, she works tirelessly as a volunteer in Northern Nevada, encouraging everyone to register as a donor.