Donovan – Tissue Donor

donovan-smith-lgDonovan was killed in a car crash in March 2011. His family honored his wishes and donated his tissue and corneas. His parents, Eric and Meme, tell us about Donovan in their own words:

Donovan Smith was surely taken away from us way to soon. Donovan was an 18 year old teenager when he died. Donovan is survived by his father, mother and 13 year old brother. The only solace we find and this very difficult time in our lives is the fact that Donovan was an organ donor.

Donovan decided to be an organ donor when he was 15 years old. We still remember having the conversation with him when he said he wanted his help someone else if he were to die. Donovan was also very adamant about giving blood as well and donated multiple times while he was in high school.

Donovan was always a very athletic kid and he was fortunate to play, football, basketball and baseball. He also ran track but it was easy to see his love for football. He dreamed of being a professional player. Donovan was a very kind hearted person and would help anyone whenever he could.

We still remember the day we got the call that Donovan had been involved in an accident and that it did not look good. Even though it has been a year since his death it still feels like it just happened yesterday. We know that Donovan would be very proud to know that his donation has helped others and his kindness has also prompted his younger brother to be an organ donor as well.

We hope to meet one of the recipients at some point as it would be great to actually see or talk to someone who benefited from his gift.