Audrey – Organ Donor

audrey-hill-lg2Tiny Audrey was just three days old when she unexpectedly stopped breathing. Resuscitation efforts were attempted, but three days later she was declared brain dead. “I get most sad when I think about what I will miss out on, like Audrey’s first steps,” says her mother, Felicia, about her daughter’s 2011 death.

After being told her daughter would not survive, Felicia agreed to donate her organs and tissues. Through that miracle, others live.

Audrey’s tiny heart saved the life of an infant who received her transplant on Mother’s Day, while her kidneys were a life-restoring gift to a mother.

Audrey’s memory is what calls Felicia now to focus on helping to spread the word about the opportunity Nevadans have to give life to others by simply choosing to register as a donor. “Audrey lived six short days but she forever lives in many hearts!” says Felicia.